imagize modules

imagize Modules

imagize modules leverage key database index fields to keep your digital files organized and make them easily searchable. Unlike File Explorer in Windows, each module includes a pre-configured document retrieval and indexing template equipped with the most common fields tailored for specific records within your business. This makes document organization and retrieval extremely simple and quick.

Choose from a variety of our standard imagize modules for most the common types of records, or if you have specific requirements we can customize a module for you. Each module includes our standard set of features and an option for additional features, which can be added for increased functionality, document workflow, and automation. Choose imagize modules along with features and an imagize Service Plan that is tailored for your specific document imaging needs.

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Module Advantages:

  • Flexible ways to search documents
  • Document assignment and workflow
  • Control of consistency and completion timelines
  • Elimination of misfiled documents and improved accuracy
  • Grant access and features by user, record, and document type
  • Add additional features and service options when applicable

Most Popular imagize Modules:

  • Business records
  • Invoices
  • Employee files
  • Client files
  • Dealer jackets
  • Case files
  • Sales orders
  • Bills of lading
  • Property files
  • See our list of healthcare modules


Business Records

The imagize business records module is designed to manage and organize a variety of different types of business records within one retrieval module. The ability to organize and categorize files by specific areas, records and document types provides versatility and ease-of-use for front office areas, administration departments, and small businesses alike.

  • Manage all types of records
  • Utilize up to 11 standard key index fields
  • Eliminate misfiled documents
  • Secure outbound digital fax feature
  • Record append and editing feature
  • Image highlight, redact & Post-it-Notes
  • And much more!
imagize modules - Business Records
imagize modules - Invoices

A/P and A/R Invoices

The imagize invoice module for accounts payable and accounts receivable files utilizes standard key index fields to provide accurate filing and instantaneous retrieval of digital invoices. Individual invoices can be filed and made searchable based on client/vendor name, invoice number, check number, date range, amount and a variety of other fields. The imagize data match feature will automatically tie digital invoices to the appropriate data record and automatically populate the key index fields, saving huge amounts of manual keystrokes and data entry time.

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Invoices
  • Checks
  • Purchase orders
  • Supporting documents
  • And more

Employee Files

The Employee Files Module is designed for active, terminated, and retired personnel, benefit and health files, as well as other new hire and employee-related documents. There are a number of standard index fields to provide file organization and instantaneous access and document retrieval based on any combination of fields such as: employee ID, last name, first name, middle initial, date of birth, etc. imagize provides strict security and access to documents based on groups and individual user requirements.

Further Details on Employee Files Module

  • Active employees
  • Terminated employees
  • Retired and pension files
  • Personnel, benefits and health files
  • I-9s and citizen verification documents
  • Benefit enrollment forms and employment applications
  • And more
imagize modules - Employee Files
imagize modules - Client Files

Client Files

The imagize client files module is a perfect fit for any business that accesses, files, and maintains client and customer-related documents. Whether you are an insurance agency, investment or financial organization, construction company, or any service-based organization, your client files are secure, yet easily accessible from anywhere, at anytime with imagize.

  • Insurance agencies
  • Investment firms
  • Financial planning
  • Construction companies
  • Service-based businesses
  • Serves all types of businesses in any industry

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Case Files

The imagize Case Files module is designed for law firms for fast access and digital storage of their clients’ case files.  Once in imagize, files are easily accessible and available 24/7 from anywhere you have internet access. Catalog client documents by the imagize index fields keeping files organized while maintaining file integrity with additions and updates. Add the imagize Workflow feature to assign and route documents to user groups and individual users for immediate review.

  • Large Law Firms
  • Medium Practices
  • Small Attorney’s Offices
  • Accommodates All Types of Law
  • Customize Your Document Types
  • Secure and Professional Hosting Services
imagize modules - Dealer Jackets

Dealer Jackets

Auto and recreational vehicle dealerships that maintain dealer jackets can now digitally store and retrieve files with imagize. This module includes all fields necessary for precise filing and indexing of various documents contained in a dealer jacket file for easy access and compact storage over traditional hard copy paper files.

  • Vehicle documentation
  • Purchase agreements
  • Finance documents
  • Repair and service documentation
  • Protection and warranty agreements

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