imagize features

imagize Features

imagize features include all standard features and a selection of our optional features, based on the specific service plan you choose. Standard features are implemented in each of the imagize modules and include the imagize scan, index, and upload application, secure outbound digital fax, record editing, document quality assurance, and more. Optional imagize Features provide automation for document workflow, data import/export tasks, secure document link, and notifications/alerts to track time-sensitive transactions.

imagize Features (Standard):

  • Record edit and append
  • Multi-user access
  • Secure, digital outbound fax
  • Basic document workflow
  • Quality assurance “QA” tags
  • Hard copy storage reference
  • Document imaging mark-ups
  • Scan, index, and upload application
  • Base user administrator role

imagize Optional Features:

  • Document workflow (base and automated)
  • Mobile device scan application
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Data exchange
  • Secure document link
  • Advanced security and settings
  • Secure digital inbound and outbound fax
  • Automated work queues
  • Status and activity reporting
  • Scheduled data imports and exports

Document Workflow

imagize document workflow accepts external and internal PDFs, scanned and faxed documents and places them in work queues for processing. Documents are monitored and tracked through your various workflow steps providing “real-time” status on all active documents which ensures priority-based transactions are managed effectively. imagize workflow can be automated creating “intelligent workflow” based on specific criteria for document review, approval, correction, etc.

imagize Tracks Documents by:

  • Status: active, pending, completed, etc.
  • Stage: new, review, approval, billing, etc.
  • Assigned to: department, groups, individuals
  • Productivity: user activity, throughput, etc.
  • Time sensitivity: set alerts for completion

Monitor and Prioritize Your Work Queues

imagize features - Document Workflow

Capture Documents On-The-Go!

imagize features - Mobile Scan App

Mobile Scan Application

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile capture device for scanning and sending documents to imagize. Advanced image processing and on-device OCR (optical character recognition) technologies automatically capture, extract, and validate content from paper documents, eliminating the need to enter information manually.

  • Capture documents
  • Advanced image enhancement
  • Crop and border removal
  • Click and secure send to imagize

Notifications and Alerts

imagize offers a notifications and alerts feature that will send emails and/or text messages based on a number of criteria. A built-in timer or schedule component tracks time and the status of a particular document and triggers the notifications and alerts. This is a great complimentary feature to the advanced workflow for document routing, user assignment and status monitoring.

Track All Time-Sensitive Documents!

imagize features - Alerts and Notifications

Collect and Share Data Between Core Business Systems!

imagize features - Data Exchange

Data Exchange

imagize provides an optional exchange feature that allows an automated process of importing and exporting data to or from external sources or systems.  Combined with imagize data match, this provides a powerful tool for image and data processing.

  • Data files provide key search field data
  • Data is automatically matched to documents
  • Records in imagize contain updated information
  • Updated files can be exported to your business system

Secure Access to Documents by User or Group

imagize features - Security and Settings

Access & Security

The imagize multi-level security and settings feature allows you to manage user security and access within an imagize Module.  Security and access privileges at the Division, Department, Record and Document Type levels streamline processes while securing confidential records and allowing access to only applicable users.  imagize also provides a complete audit trail on record access, editing, document workflow and time-sensitive work processing stages as well.


  • Manage by Individual Users and Groups
  • Role-based Access and Security Privileges
  • Audit Trails and Reporting

Secure Digital Fax

imagize offers a secure, digital fax feature that sends and receives faxed documents directly to and from imagize. Inbound faxed documents can be automatically assigned to users and groups via the imagize workflow feature for time savings and efficiency. High priority and urgent faxed documents can notify users with the imagize alert and notifications feature.

Automated Cloud Fax with 99.9% Up-Time!

imagize features - Secure Inbound Digital Fax

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