imagize Service Plans

The imagize Service Plans offer three distinctive plan options, tailored for your specific document management needs. Whether you need a simple document imaging and retrieval solution, or have an active environment with document workflow and automated data exchange requirements, imagize Service Plans save your business time and money for a low, monthly service fee.

Choose your ideal service plan:

Document Imaging

Out-of-the-box imaging, storage, and retrieval

For basic document imaging needs including:
  • Fast Search and Document Retrieval
  • Replacing the File Cabinet and Eliminating Paper
  • Electronic Records and Better Organization
  • Information Security and Reliability
  • Disaster Recovery Plan

Document Workflow

Imaging, storage, and retrieval with workflow

For document imaging needs that require workflow:
  • When Routing, Status and Approval are valuable
  • Where Documents reside in Email, Stacks of Paper, and are Manually Sorted
  • When Tracking is Necessary
  • When Management, Visibility and Completion are important

Data Exchange

Imaging, storage, and retrieval with workflow and data automation

For larger environments with workflow and automation needs:
  • Where “hooks” into ERP, CRM, and Line Of Business apps are needed
  • Ties into any System/Data
  • Automated Record Entry
  • Automated Image and Data Match/Assignment
  • When Document Processing is essential to getting paid

Let us help you determine the best set of options for your imagize solution!

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