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Document Imaging and Retrieval System

imagize offers a perfectly balanced cloud document imaging and retrieval system that is more than a folder file system but not as complex as an enterprise approach. We offer modules, features, and service plans that can be customized for your types of files and needs. Our indexing template and document workflow options set our solution apart and allow users to retrieve their files with a simple search. The imagize solution will allow you to gain efficiency, increase staff productivity, and provide a secure and compliant disaster recovery plan for all types of business records.

Bring order to chaotic document areas and workflows!

Simplified Document Management

Finding documents is faster than ever with imagize. Our search templates provide ultra-fast access to the exact documents you are looking for. We rescue paper documents and PDFs buried within endless folders on shared drives, email, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Workflow, Automation, Integration

imagize easily wraps workflow and automation around documents. Ensure documents are processed, timelines are met and nothing is overlooked. Integrate with your other systems to keep data flowing.

Paper to Digital Conversion

Do you have a few hundred, thousands, or even millions of documents residing in paper? We have a full range of options in our arsenal to help you out.

What our clients are saying
“Our imagize files are secure and accessible online from anywhere at anytime making our office more efficient, and providing prompt and reliable service to our customers.”
– P Bernauer at Bernauer Insurance Agency

Getting started with imagize is easy!

Select a Service Plan

All imagize Service Plans provide versatility while allowing you to choose the option that best suits your specific business needs. Records stored through any of our Service Plans reside on our secure cloud document imaging platform and include the latest network infrastructure technology and security and compliance measures while delivering 99.9% up time reliability.

imagize offers three service plan options:

Document Imaging: Simple and easy scan, label, protect, and retrieve
Document Workflow: Basic and automated document assignment
Data Exchange: Data inbound and outbound sends to core business systems

Read more about the imagize Service Plans.

cloud document imaging - imagize service plans
cloud document imaging - imagize modules

Select a Module

imagize Modules have been designed for the most common, paper-intensive areas and record systems within any large, mid-sized, or small business. imagize Modules include a pre-configured index and retrieval template specific for your type of records, making it easy to scan and retrieve digital records. 

We will help you select your imagize Module based on your record type and volume. 

Read more about the imagize Modules.


Select Your Features

The imagize cloud document imaging solution is versatile. Every imagize Module includes our standard set of features and as your document management needs change, you may add additional features at anytime.

  • Secure, digital outbound fax
  • Record editing with multi-user access
  • Quality assurance (“QA”) tags for every record
  • Hard copy storage reference
  • Document imaging mark-ups
  • Scan, index, and upload application
  • User administrator account

We also offer optional features, which can be added based on needs for added functionality, workflow, and automation.

Read more about the optional imagize Features.


cloud document imaging - imagize features

Let us help you determine the best set of options for your imagize solution!

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