About Us

Developed in 2006 by RNJ Holdings, LLC and prior to “Cloud Computing” popularity, imagize has provided a secure and affordable cloud-based digital repository for document imaging. imagize leverages the latest best-of-breed core technologies and technical resources for delivering a software as a service (SaaS) digital repository model that eliminates long implementation cycles and expensive hardware and software ownership costs with traditional on-premise systems.

HOW We’re Different

Tired of glossy-eyed software demos, complex terminology and paying for bells and whistles that you may never use?  We deliver a logical approach to a digital repository for cloud document imaging with our easy-to-use business modules and our 1-2-3 step method to scan, label and retrieve digital records.  Realize the immediate benefits and cost-savings of a secure and versatile cloud document imaging solution and get started within a few hours not weeks or months with our quick “on-boarding” services!