imagize Digital Employee Files

For a complete & compliant employee record!

Human Resources

imagize document imaging for human resources keeps employee file documents organized, secure, and readily available. Unlike electronic folders and paper files, imagize saves you time and money by utilizing retrieval Modules configured with the most common fields or “tags” for organizing and retrieving digital files. Search by any combination of fields to quickly locate a specific document, or group of records for immediate viewing, printing and faxing needs.

For additional functionality, add the imagize Document Workflow feature to route and assign documents to specific users for review and further processing steps.  For active employees, implement the imagize Data Exchange feature to import basic employee data from your payroll or benefits system on new hires to automatically populate the employee data fields or update recent changes in employment status, etc.

The Real Cost of Paper

Paper documents and electronic files in folder systems create inefficiency when it comes to filing and retrieving employee-related files. Document imaging with imagize significantly improves organization, security and availability saving your organization time and money.

  • Approximately 10-12% of documents are not found on the first attempt.
  • 400 is the number of hours per year the average employee spends searching for documents.
  • Companies on average spend $120 in labor to find one misfiled document.
  • It takes an average of 10 minutes per paper document to retrieve, copy and re-file.

– Sources: Gartner Group, AIIM, US Dept of Labor, Imaging Magazine, Coopers & Lybrand

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