Document Workflow – What is Document Workflow?

Nov 7, 2018 | Blog

Simply stated, document workflow is the flow of work-related documents. If you receive and/or create paper, electronic, digital, or faxed documents of any kind, you are managing a document workflow. Keeping track of these documents while they’re in process and active is challenging for a business of any size. How are you currently managing documents that need approval or a second-level manager review? How do you know when all of the documents have been received before a transaction is completed and ready for billing? Are there current bottlenecks in your document collection and processing stream that delay time-sensitive benchmarks or billing processes? Each of these examples define a document workflow process, and manually managing these steps can be time consuming and expensive for your business.

Document workflow using a document imaging solution like imagize’s eliminates many of these obstacles and provides a systematic and streamlined way of managing daily work processes by allowing documents to be shared and tracked during the transaction life-cycle. An abundance of features are available that provide real time status on any document and can be quickly reviewed and handled for immediate attention and proper action, avoiding expensive delays and improving throughput. Difficult or “non-standard” transactions can be electronically assigned to a specific user or group for further review and exploration, improving communication and documenting notes specific to resolving the issue for audit and tracking purposes.

Keep your office running efficiently by moving and processing transactions and tasks on-time and without shuffling papers and chasing down email attachments to complete your work. Centralize, communicate, and keep “real-time” tabs on active documents through digital document workflow with imagize. We are here to help walk you through the process. Contact us today to get started!

imagize Digital Document Workflow
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